A Visual Artist from New Delhi, India, I graduated in Applied Art from the prestigious Delhi College of Art, Delhi (1989-1992).

To keep pace with the advance in technology, I pursued advanced diploma in multimedia, post which I had the privilege to teach multimedia at Arena Multimedia for two years along with freelancing.

Having designed and worked for reputed multinational companies for several years I chose to set up my own Painting studio.

I realized that Painting was my true calling and chose to take up painting full time. My unique style embodies my mission statement, “I do not paint what I see but what I want to see”. Painting has a way of bringing out my creative best. It is my voice expressed and a personal exploration into a world purely of my own.

Nature inspires me but I don't realistically replicate nature, but rather the bits and pieces that strike a chord with me. Like a famous quote by Vincent Van Gogh "I dream my painting and then I paint my dream." The essence of my work is exploring the beauty that is present in the natural world. In this process I take what draws me to nature and bring it back to canvas via my own voice.

My style of painting is inspired by the Impressionists but is very modern and contemporary. I work with Impasto technique in which I paint on canvas in very thick layers, wet paint on wet, usually with palette knife and strokes are visible. Sometimes I mix paint right on the canvas while working on building layers and composition.

Besides Painting on canvas, I have expanded my creativity towards wearable art, also known as "Art to Wear". While the making of any article of clothing or wearable object typically involves aesthetic considerations, the term wearable art implies that the work is intended to be accepted as a serious and unique artistic creation or statement pieces may be sold or exhibited. My wearable art refers to individually designed pieces of digitally printed, limited edition designer Silk Scarves, Sarees, Ties and Pocket Squares.

I have had the privilege of exhibiting my works in many prestigious galleries in India and abroad.